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Job Seekers

First, finish watching the recruiter’s video on the job opening. Then, tap “Apply” and you are only 4 questions away to sending off your video application and profile.
We recommend you fill out your profile the first time you log in. You can update your profile any time by adding/changing information. It will only be sent to a recruiter when you decide to apply to a job opening.
Nobody can access your profile directly on kliber. When applying for an offer, the company whose offer you are applying for can see your profile. The persons which receive your application and profile can share them to their contacts, inside or outside their company, to collect their feedbacks on your application.

Nobody except the recruiter whose job opening you are applying to can see your profile. The recruiter cannot see your personal contact details as long as you have not received a push notification asking you to share contact details.

Once you tap “Apply”, your profile and video application are sent to the job recruiter. Be patient.

You may then receive 3 types of push notifications:

  • “Recruiter X” has watched your video.
  • Congrats! “Recruiter X” has retained your application. Please share your personal contact details.
  • “Recruiter X” has not retained your application.
Of course! You can browse through job openings without applying, just as you would browse through a job board or newspaper.

You have certainly been invited to a "private job offer": they are not published on kliber's mobile or online job board. The recruiter probably noticed your profile on another platform and believes you might be interested in applying to this job.

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First steps
kliber is affordable and accessible to any company looking for new talents.
kliber allows you to get a better understanding of who the job applicant is. You get a video application and essential information such as work experience, skills and education.
Yes. You can use your mobile device (e.g. iPhone®, iPad®, Android® smartphone) to add a new position and review applicants by accessing https://recruiter.kliberapp.com in your browser. However, we recommend using a desktop computer if you need to make changes often.
You have to enter your company name and location. When posting a job opening, you can decide to enter more information to allow the job seeker to get a better understanding of your company.
  1. Click “Add a job”
  2. Upload a video or a picture
  3. Add company and job descriptions
  4. Add hashtags to help applicants finding your offer
  5. Publish the offer!

The video should give a brief insight about the position or your company. Video recruiting is all about employer branding and helps you attract the best talent.

kliber supports most video formats (3gp, aac, avi, divx, flv, m4a, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpeg-ps, mpeg-ts, mxf, ogg, vob, wav, webm). Keep in mind that your video will be shown in a square - we recommend a 1:1 aspect ratio. The file can weigh up to 250MB.

Alternatively, you can use a picture instead of a video. kliber supports .jpg, .tif, .png and .gif image formats.

The job opening will be visible to job seekers as soon as published and will expire after 90 days.

You can always remove the job opening before the expiration date.

A private job offer is not published on kliber's mobile or online job board.

Creating a private job offer could be useful in a variety of cases, e.g.:

- The job offers your company does not wish to publish: If your company does not wish to publish an existing job opening but still looks for a clever and efficient tool to recruit its future talent using on-demand video, kliber's private job offer is the right solution! Just create a private job offer and invite selected potential candidates using kliber's invitation feature.

- Internal mobility: Internal mobility is key to retain employees and kliber's private job offer is the perfect solution to recruit your future talent within your own company. Just create a private job offer and share the URL linked to your job offer on your company's intranet or directly invite your colleagues using kliber's invitation feature.

- Recruiting firms: You are a staffing or temporary agency and look for a clever and efficient tool to filter and find the right candidate for your clients? kliber's private job offer is the perfect solution for you. Just create a private job offer and invite selected potential candidates using kliber's invitation feature.

Only the people you directly invite and/or who have access to the unique link to the private job offer (e.g. link published on your company’s intranet) will be able to see it.

Your kliber dashboard

Your kliber dashboard allows you to publish offers and receive the candidates’ applications. From your dashboard, you can review each application, give your rating and comment on it. As the holder of the account, you can also request feedback on the application from anyone inside or outside the company. You only need an email address of the people you request feedback from.

Open an application that was submitted to you, scroll down to a box indicating: “Your rating and comment.” This is where you can rate the applicant based on a 5 star system and make any additional notes of your own.

Only invited, active recipients can view your rating and comments. The applicant has no access to this page and will not see any rating or comments.

Request and manage feedbacks

Towards the bottom of the screen, there is a button called: “Request feedback.” Here, you can invite recipients one at a time. This allows you to send a customized message if you would like. Once it is sent, they will receive their own unique link to the particular candidate’s application feedback page.

There is no limit to the amount of people you can invite to comment on the application.

You can disable an invitation if you feel there is no further comment needed from an invited recipient or you want him to no longer have access to the candidate profile.

When you choose to disable an invitation, the invited recipient will no longer be able to access that particular application’s feedback page.Their unique link, sent to them via email, will no longer direct them to the candidate profile they were asked to comment on. Their comment will remain on your recruiter platform, if you do not delete it.

This option is available if you previously disabled a recipient’s invitation and would like to receive more feedback from them by inviting them back onto the feedback page.

The previously disabled recipient will be able to access the application and leave a new comment and/or edit one previously made.

You can delete an invitation if you feel a recipient’s comment and involvement on the page is no longer necessary or you do not wish to give him any more access to the candidate profile.

The invited recipient’s comment and access to the feedback platform for that particular candidate will be permanently deleted. You will need to fill out a new request form to the recipient to have them back on the platform.

Click on the unique link you received. You will be directed to the feedback application page where you will be asked to make your comment on the applicant. Your comment will be visible to the recruiter and any other invited recipients.

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