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Nathalie Dondelinger

Co-Founder and CEO

Nathalie loves working on innovative ideas and bringing them to market. She values acting over talking - even though she talks a lot - and that is why she enjoys being an entrepreneur.
She checks too many times a day, and owns a marketing consulting company in Luxembourg.

Jonathan Levi


Jonathan studied Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh and checks when he is not writing code. He has been playing jazz drums for over ten years and plays them whenever he can.

Carolyn Prestat

Chief Operating Officer

Carolyn is passionately curious. Her diverse experience enables her to adapt easily to new environment and she is not afraid to take risks when necessary. When she is not working, she loves to write, run and drink tea.
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Jean-Philippe Matz

Chief Technology Officer

Jean-Philippe is keen on building products that users love, taking advantage of his experience in tech and a pinch of creativity. Graduated from the French Université Poincaré in Nancy, he gained a strong experience in web development and project management, working for various companies in Luxembourg since 2005.
Reach him at .

Jeta Hoxha

Communication and Digital Marketing Director

Jeta recently moved to Luxembourg and loves to explore new cultures and meeting new people. She is born in Albania and raised in Sweden. Be sure not to confuse her with the old dictator from Albania, because she is very kind. Jeta has a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Communication Studies from Sweden. With a background as a Content Manager, she believes that good content is the key to success.
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Lucie Jung

Communication and Community Manager

Lucie in two words: creativity and open-mindedness. Working in something she believes in is everything to her. She is passionate about visual communication and if a picture is worth a thousand words, she likes to say that a video is worth millions. When her imagination is away from Kliber, Lucie makes short films and is interested in photography. Lucie just graduated with a Master in Digital Journalism and is entering the corporate world with Kliber.
She can be reached at .

Nina Evrard

Business Development Assistant

While being a French Master student pursuing Marketing studies, Nina helps students make their next career step on Kliber. She is currently our intern and uses all day long. She is always happy and never loses her smile.


Head of Barking

Fly, aka “Fly la Mouche“, is Kliber’s mascot. Fly possesses Olympian swimmer skills and could have followed his parent’s footsteps to become a great hunting dog but he chose instead to stay with his master and spend most of his time sleeping on fluffy pillows. When he is not being pet, Fly likes to chew on plastic thingy and send his teddies flying in our open space.

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